Shopping online is fun and exciting. It is so much fun, in fact, that every single day there are more than 19 million people making a purchase online each day!

Meet the new eBay. Follow It. Find It. Make it Yours.

You can find anything and everything online, even when it is a strange, unusual or rare item that you are in search of. Want to shop at a boutique only found in Paris, but you live in Florida?

A few clicks and your at your favorite shop…

Whether you are new to online shopping or someone that has been doing it for years there are a number of things that you should know to enhance your shopping experience. Some of these things you may already know, some you may not.

So, sit back and learn and enhance your overall online shopping experience.

1 - Promotional codes are very popular these days. You can obtain these ‘coupons’ at no charge, and with them a great discount or freebie is offered to you. From free shipping to free gifts, you will love what these coupon offer.

2 - If you have yet to try out an auction site, make your way to a site (such as MadBid) and see what all of the fuss is about. On these sites you can win an array of prizes at a cost of as much as 90% less than retail.

3 - Always trust your instincts when shopping online – they are usually right. If you do not feel comfortable with a site, or if your get that feeling in your gut, do not take any chances. There are far too many awesome sites out there!

4 - Read the terms and condition. So many people fail to do this, and in a rare case it could cause trouble or sign you up for something that you’ve not bargained for.

5 - What do other people have to say about the site? Shopping with trustworthy sites is as easy as learning what other people are saying about the company.

6 - Have you made comparisons? This is the only way to get the best deal on the items that you want and need. It is free, quick and easy to compare, and an amazing amount of savings can come your way when you do. Don’t miss out on those savings by missing out on comparisons.

7 - Understand the return and refund police before you make a purchase. You want to familiarize yourself with it, in fact. This is important because you never know when you will need to make a return.

bodylanguageKnowing how to read body language is one of the closest traits to a mind-reading superpower, that a human being can have.

If you’re really looking for something easy to learn and apply, with regards to self improvement, learning the meaning of body language should be on your list.

Why Is Knowing Body Language Important

Not many people are aware how important this is. Not only that it can help you improve yourself, reading people’s moves without even hearing what they are talking about, it can also be a lot of fun.

To put it simply, if you know how to read body language you can always find out:

  • when people lie to you; 
  • when people have something to hide; 
  • what’s someone’s state of mind; 
  • what does someone want; 
  • whether someone likes you or not; 
  • whether a person of opposite sex is attracted to you or not.

In many cases, actions or elements of body language speak much louder about the things someone has to say. For example, a simple raise of eyebrows, depending on the situation, can mean: “Can you please repeat that?” or “Did I hear that right?”. As opposed to it, a slight knit of brows can say “I really don’t like your attitude!”.

Easy-to-Learn Elements of Body Language

There are many body language courses, easy to find online, but I’m going to be fair and not recommend you any of them. Usually, the thicker and the richest the book in illustrations, the better.

However, instead I’m going to provide you here a couple of groups of body language elements that you will see in your friends, family, co-workers, or people in general, every day. These will help you understand them much better.

Elements that reflect aggressivity:

  • Staring;
  • Finger pointing;
  • Overly firm handshake;
  • Hands on hips;
  • Chin-on-chest, eyes glancing.

Elements that reflect lying:

  • Dodging eye-contact;
  • Multiple touches of the face (especially mouth and nose) with the hand or index finger; 
  • Pronounced (sometimes loud) swallowing;
  • Hands hidden in pockets; 
  • Defensive posture, in general.

Defensive postures:

  • Legs crossed; 
  • Arms crossed (sometimes in conjunction with legs crossed); 
  • Grabbing one arm with the opposite hand, above the elbow;
  • Hugging a briefcase, purse, school course pack etc., creating some sort of barrier between the person doing it and the other people.

Overly macho postures:

  • Arms crossed, palms under armpits with thumbs pointing up;
  • Hands in pockets with thumbs pointing towards the groin; 
  • Leaning against a wall, hand on the wall with arm extended (this is actually a territorial posture); 
  • Invading someone’s personal space; 
  • Leaning over someone.

Elements of body language that reflect boredom:

  • Yawning;
  • Face leaning on one palm;
  • Finger-drumming;
  • Looking anywhere else than where the person’s attention should be;
  • Checking watch;
  • Checking phone / texting.

Indian Designer Jewellery

There isn’t a question that Indian women take great pride in their appearance. From the clothing that is worn to the jewellery and embellishments that accommodate her, looking as good as possible is an important part of the day for women in India.

Women of all ages enjoy Indian designer jewellery as it accentuates their clothing so very well.

Making Traditional Indian Jewellery

A Look at Popular Jewellery

Indian women tend to wear jewellery that blends in with the outfit they have chosen for the day, but this is not always the case. With modern times and the changes that have come along with it, more and more women are opting to wear their jewelry with styles of the times, all without losing a bit of the heritage or tradition of India.

There are many different types of jewellery that women in India love to wear with their clothing. Take a look at some of the most popular types of Indian designer jewellery.

Gold: Gold is by far the most popular type of jewellery for both men and women in India. It is so popular because it is delightful with most any outfit. There is a variety of gold jewellery pieces that are adored, including necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches, and those who wear it are considered to be those who are prosperous. Many different designers offer gold jewellery with a hint of Indian tradition –carefully research those designers as well as the pieces they have available to find those most suitable for your tastes.

Bead Jewellery: Bead jewellery is also very popular for women in India. It has been a part of the heritage of the country for more than 5000 years,and is considered to be a show of respect and class. There are many types of bead jewellery options available to you, again from a number of different designers. Everyone needs at least one piece of bead jewellery to add to their collection.

Antique Jewellery: There is nothing quite as nice as a bit of history, and with antique jewellery pieces you can certainly relive this history in your fashion. Necklaces, rings, bracelets and many other antique pieces are available, and you can certainly find numerous styles of the pieces. There is antique jewellery offered from many different periods of time in India.

How to choose your Wedding Jewellery

Buying Designer Indian Jewellery

Indians wear many other types of jewellery, though the types listed above are the most popular of those choices. If you are interested in purchasing these types of jewellery there are several options for doing so.

The World Wide Web is a great place to start to find the jewellery that you want and need. It is pretty much an open shopping field on the weband you can find most any type of jewellery that you want, from any of the Indian fashion designers that you may have in mind.

There are also boutiques found throughout India and many other countries that sell Indian jewellery. It is up to you whether you will make your purchase online or make your way to one of these boutiques. Both have their pros and cons, so weigh them all.

Who says that you can’t do both?

The amount of money that is spent on jewellery will differ, as with any purchase that you make. There are several things that affect the cost of the jewellery, including the material that it is made of, the type of jewellery and where it is purchased.

Adding Indian jewellery to your outfit is the absolute best way to make sure that you look your best every single day. Whether it Is time to work or time for fun there is a piece of jewellery waiting for you.

Creativity is something that we all have. Despite of that, many people, when asked to do something innovative, to put their creativity to work and come with a more or less good idea, for a business, a piece of art, or a project of any kind, they will quickly reply: “I’m not the creative type”.

That’s a non-truth, and the sad part is that they’re actually lying to themselves. Evidently, something or someone, at some point in their life has put an impact on their creative confidence.

Creativity is “the thing” that sits at the basis of awesome ideas, ideas that can bring extraordinary changes to the world. However, there are factors that effectively kill creativity. And not just creativity, the creative confidence.

In the video below, David Kelley illustrates how creativity can help people and boost their confidence. Quite an inspiring TED Talks video, worth to watch.

A Technique for Producing Ideas

Motivation differs from one human being to another, but there are general rules that work the same for all of us, rules that have been analyzed and proven after various social experiments were replicated with different people.

In general, the simpler the task a person has to do, if it involves simple mechanical skills, the higher the pay, the higher the performance. But if the task requires an important creative process, it’s the other way around.

Once the task gets above the rudimentary cognitive skill, rewards don’t work that way anymore, and the higher the pay, the poorer the results.

Anyway, this video that I found is quite interesting. For anyone who has a company, with a certain amount of employees, it’s a must see, if of course, you would like to learn something that will help with the increase of productivity. Enjoy!

How To Use Words To Generate Motivation

How To Use Words To Generate Motivation

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.



A farm vacation has been a draw for most Europeans and Australians for many years, but Americans may not know what a family farm stay is all about. Recently, people have been drawn to farms to experience another way of life – an almost forgotten way of life.

Since World War II, many farms have gone by the wayside and have been swallowed up by conglomerates that think of them as big business rather than a family treasure passed down over the years.

The recent draw of farm life has resulted in what is now known as ‘farm stays’. It involves bringing your family to a local farm and working on it to discover all of the ways that food and animals sustain us as human beings.

There are many things to experience during a farm stay. Caring for and feeding farm animals such as horses, lambs and pigs, harvesting food for the evening meal, gathering eggs in the morning hours are all part of living and working on a farm.

Education is the main advantage of a farm stay experience, although your kids won’t think of it as learning because they’ll be having too much fun. It won’t seem like work either, because it’s something they’re not familiar with. Giving a lamb its morning bottle isn’t exactly considered a chore by most children.

You may be able to find a farm that offers classes such as cooking, gardening, cheese making and even spinning classes to teach how our ancestors made fabric for clothing. Chores around the farm are always welcomed, but not required. You’ll likely want your children to participate in some of the chores around the farm to get an idea about what it takes to make a successful farm.

A farm stay is an amazing experience that can teach our families so much about what it takes to produce the food and other goods that we take for granted every day. They’ll likely come home with a new appreciation about the environment.

Not all farms offer accommodations, but you may go for a day visit. Those farms that do offer accommodations usually let you book for a weekend or a week’s stay. The accommodations may be converted buildings on the far such as chicken houses, beautifully reinvented as rustic, but comfortable suites. Some are more luxurious than others.

Family farm stays vary in price according to what is offered, but the average rate for a night’s booking is $125. This price may or may not include breakfast, but most farms have kitchens that are available and the entire family can have fun cooking what they’ve helped harvest.

Consider booking a farm stay for your next family vacation. It’s a win-win for the farmer – and for your family.